Art for the Artist. Evolving art culture one marketing campaign at a time. We create visuals for the discerning artist... for the artist that needs their aesthetic for fully evoke and communicate their true and genuine personality. Everything dope you have on the inside, we make sure they see it clearly on the outside. You won't ever have to worry about visuals again.
With every new client, we have thorough and in-depth conversations to ensure we fully grasp and understand your style, career goals, market, what it will take to dominate your industry, and how you like to work. Some creatives say they aren't mind readers... we do everything we can to be that. AESTHETIC PHILOSOPHY - Jump up at you clean and bold.
Although a majority of our portfolio work is logos, flyers, cover art, websites and mobile apps, we design everything. From packaging, apparel, exterior signage, digital advertisements, custom music production, video editing, illustration, animation to creative direction for photo and video shoots.. we do it all. Call us at 323-553-2382 or email us at m@artfortheartist.com to discuss your project. Have questions about pricing or our processes? We'll have a thorough FAQs page up soon, but in the meantime call, text or email us.